Do you trust the government……………..?

I don’t posses any trust for the government nor do I have an admiration for them. They are nothing but corrupt people brainwashing our society telling us lies, trying to makes us believe that their intentions is pure. When in reality they just telling lies. The government has basically brainwash today’s general public advising Americans how to carry on with their day by day life. They deceive us and give us no opportunity we as far as anyone knows have. We don’t know who is behind the administration or what their genuine aims are. They are simply attempting to control people and  mislead media and take cover behind false articulations. That as well as the administration needs to settle on your choices. We as human people can do that without anyone else’s help. The government are beasts. They are tearing up the country and I’m terrified to see the following 10 years. The administration has no ethics or great expectation.The government need people to support and believe in them in order for them to thrive. They gain people’s trust and support by lying about their true intentions, just as they have been doing for a long time. Think carefully to yourself if you are reading this – what is making you believe the government are somehow superior to you, and that their intentions are all good? I believe our DNA has been programmed this way, so the government can continue whatever they are doing. There is much evidence for this since a long long time ago.”Why Should we trust the government? How can one  believe the government, a government that holds the force of a country. That has deceive people in such a variety of ways. A government that can purchase votes. A government that is chosen by the government, A government,that takes away our flexibility. An administration that traps the general population. So how could one trust the government………………..


What does motivation do…

Motivation helps us strive for success, it is what pushes us to achieve our goals, feel more fulfilled and help us improve on ourselves as we go along in life.motivation is what keeps us going when we feeling down or facing difficult challenges. Motivation helps us achieve what we yearn the most.Everyone have different motive.Clearly everybody is  at different ends of the spectrum when it comes to motivation. Most people, however, fall somewhere in the middle.Motivation pushes us to set goals for ourselves, helps us seek opportunity  and seez them when these opportunities do order to be motivated, you have to know precisely what it is that you want, to have a powerful urge, and to be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your objective.

In the event that you longing to get a sure question, or perform a certain goal, yet you don’t feel propelled enough to act, it implies that the craving or objective are not sufficiently critical. To be propelled to make a move and accomplish something in admiration to your objective, you have to have a powerful urge.

My family ‘ they are exceptional”……………………………….. exceptional in fact

Family has done nothing to me except pain me. i feel nothing but revulsion, disgust, and distrust for them.I don’t embrace my family, i don’t cherish them i just passionately hate them.they don’t do anything but bring me down calling me slow, incompetent, dumb etc.”I can’t experience life being me i have to change.” they always trying to change me. they concentrate on all the minimal negative thing about me and afterward they give a  lecture about it.  i don’t care for heading off to the salon and do my nail as they would like to think in light of the fact that i don’t care for doing my nails i’m not normal. ‘Ordinary young ladies like to their nails.’ I’ve spend my entire life being called ‘inept’ by my family which is strange because i’m the second one in the family that made it to college.i did run through challenges in high school but they were my inspiration so i conquer every challenge.I wanted them to consider me as somebody that could get by by being me, that i could accomplish great thing with my life just by being me, but regardless I get call imbecilic whether it’s in in my face or behind my back I get call those word. I remember when my grandpa had a stroke and he couldn’t walk his left body was incapacitate. i was sitting with him watching him inquiring as to whether hes OK. He wasn’t generally in his right personality he thought i was another person.his word “how’s Mengine getting along is she still an idiot” i felt truly hurt i didn’t react or said anything  to him. i cleared out the room . i did try not to let his word bother me but it did,a while later i simply felt numb. i was simply sick and tired of being called dumb or moderate by my family.i truly want to value and love my family, i want to bond with my family.i want to go on vacation and have fun and mess around with my family however it’s nearly unimaginable with them bringing me down me as the second progressed.. since i was a kid i don’t experience anything yet torment from my family. whether it’s my father, step mother, cousin, close relative  tormented me. each gave me motivation to loathe them and i’m going to convey that contempt i have for them for whatever remains of my life. i do think that i don’t hate them as much as i think i hate them cause despite everything I get frightened when they become ill or when something transpire…….but My family they truly are uncommon ‘exceptional in fact.’

We Humans Are Perpetrator…………

I always ask myself this question, is killing an animal any different than killing a human?

well i finally have the answer. we humans are homicide, we go trough life thinking that the only way we can consider to be a killer is if we killed a human.when in reality all of us is a murderer. we act like we not since we didn’t kill a human being. but killing an animal is no different than killing a human.i’m sure we all have purchase poison at least once or twice to get rid of our bugs problem or setting up trap to get rid of our rats problem

i’m sure we all have kill a cockroach before. but i don’t think that matter right, they just pest.we’re all killers whether we want to admit this or not. but  that’s the way society is contrive as. consider this when we were all babies we never had a problem with an animal or bug etc but as were interspersed into society that mentally change we grow with that mentality,, thinking that these animals is just pest and we need get rid of them when we see them………….

the world we live in…………..

This world,it is a world where we can’t even be ourselves without someone constantly judging us. we can’t be comfortable in our own skin due to the fact that we scare of what people think of us. so what do we do? we try to act like someone else, someone we think thats better than our own image.  we focus on every little part on our body that’s not perfect. this world is evil. we live in a world where everybody chasing papers, killing for papers, degrading themselves for papers. we live in a world where we consider inferior when we don’t posses that paper. this world is filthy. we live in a world where we have to paid for what the earth provides it is outrageous. we live in the world where celebrities is being worship like gods when in reality there just like us, just as imperfect as us. we live in a world where the celebrities make more money than doctors. people who actually saves lives each day. does is make sense? how does someone whose pretending to be perfect makes more money than someone who save multiple lives.!!!!???? the celebrity making thousand, millions even billions when they are billions of people in the world that can’t afford a place to sleep or even struggle to get something to eat each day that passes by. why is there homeless in the street when celebrities are making all these money.This world is malicious…………………………..