technology-pageAs every year passes, technology has just been able to be a greater piece of society. the dominant part of individuals depend on it too much. Amid the prior years, individuals couldn’t easily reach for their telephone and send an email to their supervisor, to tell them they couldn’t go to work today or that they’d be arriving late. Be that as it may, in this decade, the normal individual has entry to multiple electronic gadget that empowers them to perform various tasks. Those gadgets could be anything from a tablet to a mobile phone. Electronic innovation today rearranges, influences family life, and is the principle wellspring of correspondence.
we all use technology differently. They are those that use it to check up and communicate with loves ones, they are those that use it for entertainment. there’s those that are addicted to it, they can’t spend a day without keeping an eye on their mobile device. These devices takes away from time we could be spending in more active ways. While the devices are clearly helpful there are down sides and trade-offs that come with them.

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