My first job interview……..

Today I went to my first interview it was very exciting and nerves waking at the same time. I usually don’t go to interviews, I would create a time and date and everything for an interview but when the day comes I always back out. But today it wasn’t like that I have miss out on so many opportunities by being shy, today I was not gonna let my shyness interfere with this opportunity. I spent my whole life being put down by my family, spent most of my life being criticized by my family. And today I felt like something should change. So I went to the interview and when I got to the place I spent ten minutes in front of the door thinking if I should go home or go in.I contemplated for couples of minutes, then I turned around to head home. But then I realized that my family is right about me which is why I decided to enter. I’m determined to prove to my family that I can accomplish great things just by being me, that I don’t need to change what’s makes me unique in order to get further in life. I could do that by being me. When I entered the room I was nervous, I was shaking but I pulled myself up I needed to do this, for once I felt like something would work out for me. When I came in everybody was super nice they talked and joked around with me, until I felt comfortable. I feel like I conquered a challenge today, now it’s not the greatest thing one could conquer but I am happy that I went to the interview and was honest about every question that was asked. I didn’t have to pretend to be someone I wasn’t, it felt great. Now I’m not sure if I got the job but I’m still waiting for a phone call. Fingers crossed😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


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