I just watched a video, I was genuinely appalled by it. Couple of guys brought a cake and offered it to a homeless man. The vagrant was so happy. Be that as it may, the man step on the cake. .they humiliated and disrespected the poor man.What really infuriated me is that the homeless man has NOTHING…and when they gave him the cake he stilll offered to SHARE IT. I am literally lost for words. That man will get his one day. He is an evil soul. Money validates treating someone like they don’t matter? There is no amount of money that makes insulting someone “ok”. You can cleary see the victims reaction, he was upset and hurt over what was done to him.These guys are nothing but…haters, sick bastards, selfish assholes who are looking to make fun of minorities and opress the poor. Anyone with a decent normal mind would never done what was done to that poor man. these type of people grow up in an atmosphere full of hate and racism and discrimination, that’s normal for them to do this kinda stuff and worse..who knows what else they have done behind the scene, this was just a small video and it was absolutely sickening.I can’t believe the audacity and inhumanity of these man.Good on the homeless man that he still had respect and decenty to offer to share, his heart was in the right place despite his circumstances. As for the douche bag who stompped on the cake and was verbally rude to the homeless fella, I hope he get what he deserves, I’m sure he will and for all those that stood by and never said or did anything to this douche bag, Shame on them as well!!!


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