the purpose of myth in society……?

Mythology is everywhere! myths are stories which teach lessons.  We create “myths” out of the stories of our heroes — military figures, sports heroes, etc.  We look to these people as having something to aspire to and embellish the man to myth in order to serve that purpose. Walter Payton was a great football hero — but his work ethic and integrity have been elevated to myth status as a model for people in all professions.
Myths are intended to present ethics so we can better comprehend the way we ought to live. Every story has a good, whether it bodes well and ought to be material in life or not. Once in a while it’s just a source of entertainment.
The art of human nature is our instincts and endeavor to clarify things we can’t  comprehend. People want to fill in gaps in knowledge that can’t be rationally answered through experimentation and perceptions. Because we can’t use logic to explain such situations, however, the alternative becomes the development of a mythological explanation, using supernatural beings or powers or events to provide the explanation that is unavailable otherwise.
Remember, you’re literally surrounded by mythology in today’s society,whether you realize it or not!


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