My family ‘ they are exceptional”……………………………….. exceptional in fact

Family has done nothing to me except pain me. i feel nothing but revulsion, disgust, and distrust for them.I don’t embrace my family, i don’t cherish them i just passionately hate them.they don’t do anything but bring me down calling me slow, incompetent, dumb etc.”I can’t experience life being me i have to change.” they always trying to change me. they concentrate on all the minimal negative thing about me and afterward they give a  lecture about it.  i don’t care for heading off to the salon and do my nail as they would like to think in light of the fact that i don’t care for doing my nails i’m not normal. ‘Ordinary young ladies like to their nails.’ I’ve spend my entire life being called ‘inept’ by my family which is strange because i’m the second one in the family that made it to college.i did run through challenges in high school but they were my inspiration so i conquer every challenge.I wanted them to consider me as somebody that could get by by being me, that i could accomplish great thing with my life just by being me, but regardless I get call imbecilic whether it’s in in my face or behind my back I get call those word. I remember when my grandpa had a stroke and he couldn’t walk his left body was incapacitate. i was sitting with him watching him inquiring as to whether hes OK. He wasn’t generally in his right personality he thought i was another person.his word “how’s Mengine getting along is she still an idiot” i felt truly hurt i didn’t react or said anything  to him. i cleared out the room . i did try not to let his word bother me but it did,a while later i simply felt numb. i was simply sick and tired of being called dumb or moderate by my family.i truly want to value and love my family, i want to bond with my family.i want to go on vacation and have fun and mess around with my family however it’s nearly unimaginable with them bringing me down me as the second progressed.. since i was a kid i don’t experience anything yet torment from my family. whether it’s my father, step mother, cousin, close relative  tormented me. each gave me motivation to loathe them and i’m going to convey that contempt i have for them for whatever remains of my life. i do think that i don’t hate them as much as i think i hate them cause despite everything I get frightened when they become ill or when something transpire…….but My family they truly are uncommon ‘exceptional in fact.’


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