Do you trust the government……………..?

I don’t posses any trust for the government nor do I have an admiration for them. They are nothing but corrupt people brainwashing our society telling us lies, trying to makes us believe that their intentions is pure. When in reality they just telling lies. The government has basically brainwash today’s general public advising Americans how to carry on with their day by day life. They deceive us and give us no opportunity we as far as anyone knows have. We don’t know who is behind the administration or what their genuine aims are. They are simply attempting to control people and  mislead media and take cover behind false articulations. That as well as the administration needs to settle on your choices. We as human people can do that without anyone else’s help. The government are beasts. They are tearing up the country and I’m terrified to see the following 10 years. The administration has no ethics or great expectation.The government need people to support and believe in them in order for them to thrive. They gain people’s trust and support by lying about their true intentions, just as they have been doing for a long time. Think carefully to yourself if you are reading this – what is making you believe the government are somehow superior to you, and that their intentions are all good? I believe our DNA has been programmed this way, so the government can continue whatever they are doing. There is much evidence for this since a long long time ago.”Why Should we trust the government? How can one  believe the government, a government that holds the force of a country. That has deceive people in such a variety of ways. A government that can purchase votes. A government that is chosen by the government, A government,that takes away our flexibility. An administration that traps the general population. So how could one trust the government………………..


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