I Love You Mom………………………….

i always ask myself why did’n my mom killed me when i was in her belly, perhaps this would have save me a lot of suffering. since daddy hated me ever since he found out about me. since daddy love his other daughter better than me. since I’ve been look down as an inferior my whole life. why mommy why? i’ve never really done anything to deserve so much pain…….why?? i know they are other people who suffer a lot more than I but these pain I feel, it doesn’t really feel like they going away soon…… i just feel down and depresses most of the time, and i have no clue why.I MISS YOU MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU THE ONLY PERSON I HAVE EVER TRUE LOVE. and yet i was not able to spend time with you. Mommy the last time i saw you I cry  it felt as if it was the last time i was gonna get to see you  and yet it was the last time I saw you. it was my first time crying leaving you Mommy. Mommy i’m sorry i was the last one to hear about you passing. I’m sorry I didn’t get to come to your funeral, i was really young  and daddy didn’t seem to care.I’m sorry mommy, sorry about everything.I know you loved me which is why i would never, not for a second question why you gave birth to me………………………


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