I resent the way the world is going. I can’t trust it, I can’t comprehend it and I cannot acknowledge it. Occasionally I feel as though I’m too weak and excessively kind to survive this world. The way my idea varies from everybody else’s. the way people take advantage of my kindness. the world is excessively corrupt for somebody like me. An excessive number of heinous deed is being enact. i”m genuinely tired of watching individuals getting hacked off or being slaughtered on social media. i’m worn out on racism,tired of these savagery.  I get truly annoyed when I catch wind of the way the Dominicans are treating the Haitians that are living in their nation. Haitians have been the objective of crowd brutality multiple time as of late, and the Dominican government has been generally condemned for its treatment of the transients. These individuals left their country looking for chances to better their lives. Their life is already troublesome, why make it more intricate for them. why murdered them, why hacked them off like bit of meat for stuff that their predecessor did, for stuff that happened hundreds of years prior. People can be very cruel and heartless.





Loneliness is not about being alone physically, it is a state far beyond presence of people around you. It is that moment when you realise that the people around are not there for your happiness or your benefit but for their own benefit,when you realise that your dream will never happen as long as you stay in the same environment. Loneliness is when you realise that you are not compatible to your surroundings or to your partner or friends. It is that state of emptiness inside,which makes you sad,which makes you realise you are on your own and you are still far from achieving your goals.

If you do not progress, it takes you down, it makes you insane, you move away from society, gradually you start leaving in your own world, you stop caring about what people think about you,but hold on if you lose control at this stage…

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Why do people commit Murder….

No one truly knows the response to that inquiry in light of the fact that each executioner and each murdering is sui generis. From time to time the world is stunned by some merciless killings. Posolutely, murder is one of the most vile, inhuman act a person can commit. The reason as to why people commit crimes, can be varried. The purposes behind homicide are uncontrollably extended and can be put into various classifications. The activity of manslaughter brings retaliation and insanity as the inspiration for killings in our society.Without a doubt, individuals have numerous motivations that drives them to take part in criminal action including retribution, maladjustment, natural issues, neediness, and, well the rundown goes on. Whether it is a financial need or a mental urge, it is difficult to comprehend the inspiration driving murder.
All things considered, a great many people have their pet speculations concerning why individuals commit murder. Hence, specialists created distinctive speculations connected to criminology. There are five hypotheses from the Study of why do individuals carry out crimes. It is a field as behavioral examination, as well as a wellspring of information to make a more noteworthy comprehension as to why individuals commit crimes. Such as decision speculations, psychological speculations, social basic hypotheses, spiritual speculations and nature. Murder is characterized as deliberately, knowing, or foolhardy unlawful executing of another person. It has two separate segments.
Why do people murder, the clarification lies on each killer preferences. When it comes to the creation of a killer, nature and nurture both play their parts


technology-pageAs every year passes, technology has just been able to be a greater piece of society. the dominant part of individuals depend on it too much. Amid the prior years, individuals couldn’t easily reach for their telephone and send an email to their supervisor, to tell them they couldn’t go to work today or that they’d be arriving late. Be that as it may, in this decade, the normal individual has entry to multiple electronic gadget that empowers them to perform various tasks. Those gadgets could be anything from a tablet to a mobile phone. Electronic innovation today rearranges, influences family life, and is the principle wellspring of correspondence.
we all use technology differently. They are those that use it to check up and communicate with loves ones, they are those that use it for entertainment. there’s those that are addicted to it, they can’t spend a day without keeping an eye on their mobile device. These devices takes away from time we could be spending in more active ways. While the devices are clearly helpful there are down sides and trade-offs that come with them.

My first job interview……..

Today I went to my first interview it was very exciting and nerves waking at the same time. I usually don’t go to interviews, I would create a time and date and everything for an interview but when the day comes I always back out. But today it wasn’t like that I have miss out on so many opportunities by being shy, today I was not gonna let my shyness interfere with this opportunity. I spent my whole life being put down by my family, spent most of my life being criticized by my family. And today I felt like something should change. So I went to the interview and when I got to the place I spent ten minutes in front of the door thinking if I should go home or go in.I contemplated for couples of minutes, then I turned around to head home. But then I realized that my family is right about me which is why I decided to enter. I’m determined to prove to my family that I can accomplish great things just by being me, that I don’t need to change what’s makes me unique in order to get further in life. I could do that by being me. When I entered the room I was nervous, I was shaking but I pulled myself up I needed to do this, for once I felt like something would work out for me. When I came in everybody was super nice they talked and joked around with me, until I felt comfortable. I feel like I conquered a challenge today, now it’s not the greatest thing one could conquer but I am happy that I went to the interview and was honest about every question that was asked. I didn’t have to pretend to be someone I wasn’t, it felt great. Now I’m not sure if I got the job but I’m still waiting for a phone call. Fingers crossed😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

I just watched a video, I was genuinely appalled by it. Couple of guys brought a cake and offered it to a homeless man. The vagrant was so happy. Be that as it may, the man step on the cake. .they humiliated and disrespected the poor man.What really infuriated me is that the homeless man has NOTHING…and when they gave him the cake he stilll offered to SHARE IT. I am literally lost for words. That man will get his one day. He is an evil soul. Money validates treating someone like they don’t matter? There is no amount of money that makes insulting someone “ok”. You can cleary see the victims reaction, he was upset and hurt over what was done to him.These guys are nothing but…haters, sick bastards, selfish assholes who are looking to make fun of minorities and opress the poor. Anyone with a decent normal mind would never done what was done to that poor man. these type of people grow up in an atmosphere full of hate and racism and discrimination, that’s normal for them to do this kinda stuff and worse..who knows what else they have done behind the scene, this was just a small video and it was absolutely sickening.I can’t believe the audacity and inhumanity of these man.Good on the homeless man that he still had respect and decenty to offer to share, his heart was in the right place despite his circumstances. As for the douche bag who stompped on the cake and was verbally rude to the homeless fella, I hope he get what he deserves, I’m sure he will and for all those that stood by and never said or did anything to this douche bag, Shame on them as well!!!

the purpose of myth in society……?

Mythology is everywhere! myths are stories which teach lessons.  We create “myths” out of the stories of our heroes — military figures, sports heroes, etc.  We look to these people as having something to aspire to and embellish the man to myth in order to serve that purpose. Walter Payton was a great football hero — but his work ethic and integrity have been elevated to myth status as a model for people in all professions.
Myths are intended to present ethics so we can better comprehend the way we ought to live. Every story has a good, whether it bodes well and ought to be material in life or not. Once in a while it’s just a source of entertainment.
The art of human nature is our instincts and endeavor to clarify things we can’t  comprehend. People want to fill in gaps in knowledge that can’t be rationally answered through experimentation and perceptions. Because we can’t use logic to explain such situations, however, the alternative becomes the development of a mythological explanation, using supernatural beings or powers or events to provide the explanation that is unavailable otherwise.
Remember, you’re literally surrounded by mythology in today’s society,whether you realize it or not!